Short Ends

Some of the personal and client work we get up to. Click the fullscreen button!


Funded by the Wellcome Trust, Germanium is one of the first films for the 94 Elements project. Filmed in Delhi by Mike Paterson. Sign up to the project mailing list here.

Old Weather

We made a series films about the Old Weather project for the National Maritime Museum. The project crowdsources historical naval records to improve our understanding of climate change.

ICHEP for the Guardian

The Guardian commissioned this film about the ICHEP particle physics conference in Paris, where particle physicists get together to discuss their latest ideas on what the universe is made of.

The Battle for Central America

Funded by CBA/DfiD and directed by Steve O'Hagan, 'The Battle for Central America' is a history of Liberation Theology in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. An investigation of the rise of evangelical christianity in Central America and the decline of the traditional Catholic church.

Philip Pullman on Freedom of Speech

One of a series a series of films for a UK publisher - this short clip was part of the campaign around the launch of Philip Pullman's book The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ". Nothing special visually, but Pullman's content and delivery is perfect. It racked up over 100,000 views within a week.


A short piece for the Royal Observatory in Greenwich to explain an innovative new celestial mapping tool for the astronomy community. Produced with animator and PFILM collaborator Jim Le Fevre.

Tipton — The Sandwell Project

One of a series of films exploring ideas of community in 6 towns in the West Midlands, a region in the UK which has lost much of its original industrial base.

The Question Box

For TED about the Question Box project, a California-based NGO with a fantastic way to help people from communities with no access to information technology make informed decisions about their lives.

Time to Talk

One of a series of films produced for Multistory, a multi-disciplinary arts organization in the UK. This short montage was used as a promotional piece to promote a project putting artists in primary schools across the West Midlands.

The Referee

"A beautifully photographed short about a Ukrainian migrant called Nikolai who officiates at Sunday League football matches on London's Hackney Marshes. Across that green expanse he runs and, for ninety minutes, he reigns. The rain beats down. Furious Turkish players yell at him. In the changing room, talking to fellow officials, he rues how costly it is to travel home and about the corruption that he might find there. He radiates authority, but isolation too. The film is over all too quickly, but it lingers in the imagination, reminiscent in its mood and milieu of Tony Richardson The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner and of Wim Wenders's The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty Kick" — The Daily Telegraph. Commissioned by Film London.

Night Bus

Mike made this as part of a Masters degree in documentary film, 'Night Bus' explores.. well.. the world of the London night bus. It was shortlisted for lots of awards at film festivals around the world. Shot on the venerable PD150.